Sun Jinghai, Deputy Director of Lianyungang Municipal People's Government Office, and his delegation visited our company.

On the morning of March 7, Sun Jinghai, deputy director of Lianyungang Municipal People's Government Office, and his entourage, accompanied by Ye Guowen, member of the Party Committee of Haiyan County Economic and Information Bureau, came to visit our company.  

Accompanied by Pan Feng, director of the company, Mr. Sun and his party visited Jarol Science and Technology Museum and watched the enterprise propaganda video, and learned about the company's main business, production scale and scientific research achievements, especially the company's nuclear power related industrial products made more serious and detailed inquiries and understandings, and appreciated the company's way of industrial integration with nuclear power.

At the symposium, Mr. Sun conducted research and exchanged views on the nuclear power related products of Jarol, the planning and construction of the nuclear power related industrial park in Lianyungang City, the layout of new energy industry, and the way of industrial cooperation. Mr. Xiao Hailuo, the chairman of the company, said that Jarol has set up relevant offices in Lianyungang to carry out relevant business, and he hoped to increase the communication between the two sides through this visit, enhance mutual trust, strengthen cooperation, and plan a good start for the subsequent common development.