Gu Qiuli, Deputy Secretary of Haiyan County Party Committee and Mayor of Haiyan County, visited our company

In the afternoon of 18th April, Gu Qiuli, deputy secretary of Haiyan County Party Committee and county magistrate, and his party came to visit our company, accompanied by Xiao Hailuo, chairman of the company.
Mr Gu and his party made a field inspection of Jarol, visited Jarol Science and Technology Museum, and learnt about the company's development overview, scientific and technological achievements, future development direction, etc. Especially, they had a detailed understanding of the company's new energy products, such as Hualong No.1 related nuclear safety grade inverter cabinets, photovoltaic inverters, and optical storage and charging integrated machines.
Governor Gu highly affirmed the development and scientific and technological achievements of Jarol, and encouraged the company to continue to increase innovation and enhance the competitiveness and added value of its products.